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I am Rinnada Elson

I was born on Thursday 2nd January 1975  now I am 30 years old. I am Thai nationality living in UK. My hobbies are reading, watching TV and spending time on my computer. I also enjoy travelling but at the moment I don't often do that. I was a teacher for six years in Thailand now I've got a job at a company and I enjoy it very much.

I was born in Phrae province in the Northern part of Thailand. After high school I went to the university in Ayutthaya, a city which used to be the capital city of Thailand and I really enjoyed it there. It's one of my precious and joyful periods of my lifetime. I was there for four years studying bachelor degree of Education at the university and after graduation I got a job as a teacher of English in Surin province in the North-east of Thailand and lived there for 6 years. There I have learned and got lots of experiences; about teaching, working at GPA section, being students' advisor, doing administrative jobs for the school, etc. I have got nice friends and fond memories spending my time with them. We had lots of fun at work, at parties, at camps, and especially, when running activities for our students. It really was a great time there. Later in November 2004 I had to leave my job and my mother country to come to UK to get married to my husband who is English. It was a big change in my life. At first I was sad at leaving my family, my friends, my job and my warm country to the cold weather in UK and many things are different between the two countries. Besides the weather (I didn't get used to the very cold weather at first but now I get better), the cultures are also different. It is not new knowledge to me about these differences I have heard and taken courses about Western Cultures before but now I have experienced it myself for my short time of living in The UK. However, after a while staying in UK I have learned a lot of new things that are very interesting and I don't mind learning to gain more experience. I settled down well and I am very happy and enjoy being in this country. I know that I will have to learn a lot of new things and I don't mind as we are all learning all our lives.

I love staying in and relaxing at home

I love relaxing as well as working!

I enjoyed a lot when I was a teacher, but now I am working in UK. I like it a lot for my new job it's the new thing which helps me to gain more experience in UK.

My Favorite Films
*Something God gotta give
*Catch me if you can
*Notting Hill

My favorite music

*How do I live
*More than I can say

My favorite Food

*Thai Food
     -Som Tum
     -Pad Thai
     -Green Curry
     -Tom Yum Koong
*Indian Food
     -Chicken Madras
     -Chicken Tikka
     -Prawn/Chicken Vindaloo
     -King Prawn Rogan Josh
     -King Prawn Sagwala

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